imageDr. Larry Puckett is a retired research scientist who worked for the U.S. Geological Survey for 33 years, studying water quality. During that time he also served for 6 years as an associate editor of the Journal of Environmental Quality. From 1991 until 2006 Larry served as a contributing editor at Model Railroading magazine where his DCC Update column ran for 11 years. He has over 200 articles to his credit in that magazine as well as in Railroad Model Craftsman and Model Railroader. He has written extensively on the subject of Digital Command Control and his book “Practical Guide to Digital Command Control” was published by Carstens Publications in 2008 and is now available from White River Publications. His new book “Wiring Your Model Railroad” was published by Kalmbach Books in July 2015. Since February 2015 he has been a contributing editor and the DCC Corner columnist for Model Railroader magazine.

Like many model railroaders his age, his introduction to model trains came with an O-scale set that he received for Christmas 1958, however his introduction to trains goes back even farther. Larry’s grandfather worked for the Norfolk and Western Railway and an uncle worked for the C&O, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his main modeling interests include railroads of the southeastern United States. The Norfolk and Western Railway, the C&O, and the Southern Railway are the focus of his current Piedmont Southern layout. He became a serious modeler in 1980 after purchasing a copy of Model Railroader magazine at a local hobby shop.

“I’ve always been a history buff and I enjoy researching how the prototype railroads operated and then applying that to my model railroading. I also enjoy the technical side of the hobby, especially the electronics, which has always been useful when working with Digital Command Control. The introduction of DCC has not only radically changed how we wire and build our model railroads, it has changed how we operate them as well. So for me the electronics go hand in hand with prototype operations.”


When not in his train room or pecking out a DCC Corner column on his computer, Larry enjoys landscape photography and fly fishing for native and wild trout in the many mountain streams of western North Carolina.