Back up your DecoderPro Roster

Since we’ve been talking about a major wipeout of a computer let’s also look at something you can do to prevent a total loss. As anyone who has used a computer for long knows, hard disks can crash and take all that data with it, including your DecoderPro roster. Most folks are at least aware of the fact that computer files should be regularly backed up to an offsite location, just in case the worst case scenario occurs. So what’s your option? Let’s go through what it takes to properly backup a DecoderPro roster.

To make a backup copy of the roster:

1) Start DecoderPro.

2) Select “Help >> Locations”

3) Use the “Open Roster Location” button to open a Finder window.

4) Copy the roster folder to the storage media backup location. What you need from your old computer is the “Roster” folder and its contents. The “roster.xml” file is optional (it is easily rebuilt) and does not contain all your data.

To restore the roster on a new installation of DecoderPro, try the following:

1) Start DecoderPro and get it all set up.

2) Select “Help >> Locations”

3) Use the “Open Roster Location” button to open a Finder window.

4) Copy the backup roster folder to the roster location.

5) Select Actions >> Recreate Roster Index.

6) Wait for it to finish. If your roster does not appear after a reasonable amount of time, restart DecoderPro. Unfortunately DecoderPro does not provide any indication that it is doing anything so you just have to wait a while and assume it is working–an in progress indicator would be a welcome addition. Don’t try to use the Import Roster option in this case. It is for use with a special format exported roster file.

But where is a good place to store your backup info? You can use an external hard drive or a memory card, however those too can be damaged or lost. My choice is to use a “cloud” drive for backups. Both Dropbox and Google Drive offer a small amount of cloud storage for free (to get you hooked) or you may have a certain amount of file space reserved for you by your internet service provider.

I keep copies of all important files there. Matter of fact all my articles and book files go directly to a cloud server. The files stored on these sites are regularly backed up and the backups are usually backed up, so the chances of them ever being lost is negligible. I save a copy of my DecoderPro roster about once each month and more often if I have done any significant programming. It only takes a short amount of time and can save you a lot more time and headaches if the worst happens.