JMRI, LocoBuffer, and High Sierra—Oh My!

Well recently a friend of mine was having a morning cup of Joe and reading the news on his Macbook Air when all of a sudden he had coffee in his Mac! As we all know coffee and electronic components don’t mix well and my friend was soon buying a replacement Macbook. This brought on the next step—reinstalling DecoderPro.

I got involved when he couldn’t get the DecoderPro preferences to come up with the correct drivers for his Locobuffer-USB. I suggested he might need to download the drivers from the RR-CirKits website and give that a try. Well today he called to update me on his progress. He installed the driver for the Locobuffer-USB interface but the program still wouldn’t work.

After some back and forth with Dick Bronson at RR-CirKits it appears that the current version of the Locobuffer-USB Mac driver is not compatible with either the hardware in the new Macbook Air or with the new High Sierra operating system.

This would not surprise me since I found out to my chagrin that upon installing High Sierra on my iMac, my old installation of Adobe Photoshop no longer works. I did update my copy of DecoderPro to the latest production version 4.10 and the Sprog driver still works fine so this issue is apparently isolated to the Locobuffer driver. So if you have a Locobuffer and are considering updating to High Sierra on a Mac you might want to hold off until the dust settles on this one. I’ll update you on this as soon as my friend gets his up and running again.

One comment

  • once you are long in tooth, like me (70+) your comfort zone is well defined. But when you are in a job in the prime of your life, trying to get ahead and make a place for yourself, you naturally push the boundaries of whatever it is you do. The old set of “stuff” worked; we were using it and were happy with it. Someone decided a new widget (or version thereof) was needed. Yikes! now, nothing or partially nothing works or is compatible. To the user, progress doesn’t always look like progress. Backward compatibility is one area code writers need to spend time. But, catering to the “backward compatibility required” gang may not meet the boss’ definition of progress.