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One of the disadvantages of a booming world economy is that it can put a strain on supplies of critical components at unexpected moments. Just such a problem has got in the way of Econami ECO-100 and ECO-200 sound decoder production. Soundtraxx is basically looking at a 30 week lead time for the components they need which means they won’t be cranking up production of them until July 2018. Fortunately this does not affect production of the ECO-PNP and 21-pin decoders as well as all Tsunami2 decoders. Also in the near term, they will soon be releasing an adapter for the 21-pin decoder that will allow it to be plugged into a standard JST connector.

If you need to have an ECO-100 or ECO-200 replaced as part of their warranty program they will either put you on a list for shipment when production resumes or offer to upgrade you to a Tsunami2 for the difference in the retail price. The following is from their website:

Please Note: We are experiencing extremely long lead times and parts availability issues with both ECO-100 and ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoders. Until such time as this issue is resolved, we will not be taking new orders for these products. However, the TSU-1100 and TSU-2200 Digital Sound Decoders are both viable options and readily available.


  • Not necessarily poor planning. If you have ordered PCB component parts (I do it for a living) you will realize that suppliers can change their inventory very quickly. Basically, no parts are manufactured during the Chinese New Year which lasts for almost a month. give them a break this time.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Poor planning and forethought on the part of Soundtraxx….never a good idea to tie all your component supply to one supplier, particularly if they are Chinese.(Chinese are renowned for their lack of loyalty, the ‘top dollar’ will win every time)
    I guess they are reaping what they sowed.

  • Not good news. I’m sure a lot of folks have purchased several ECO-100 decoders, as have I. I have had to replace a couple of them, so now I am worried about the rest.

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