Oregon Rail Supply

It recently came to my attention that the Oregon Rail Supply three aspect signals I have been using for my block signals on the Piedmont Southern were almost impossible to find. Just about everybody including Walthers was out of them and almost everything else made by Oregon Rail Supply. To get to the bottom of the problem I sent an email to the company and I received a nice response. As it turns out Dick Yager, the founder and operator of the business died about 2 years ago. His wife has been running the business while also working her regular job since then. In January she had some health issues which put her behind in production. However she is rapidly catching up with retail orders and soon expects to have a shipment ready for Walthers.

So, this takes me back to one of the long-term realities of model railroading—many of the parts, kits, and supplies we depend on are produced by small companies with few if any employees other than the owner/operator. So what does this mean for us? Well, one thing to remember is that if you need something buy it now! If you need 20 signals for your layout buy all of them now! Although most of the companies eventually pass to other owners upon the current owner’s retirement or death there can be down times when production backlogs mean the product you suddenly need may not be available for weeks or even months. Buy it now!


  • the best part in model railing is making your own required items needed. If you like to view items that their is tremodus supply of infomation out their.

  • Technology in our hobby is an amazing thing. In less than 20 years we have gone from relays to TTL logic circuits to Arduino mini computers for signaling .Recently, something else has been added to our hobby, 3D printing . I LOVE Oregon Rail Supply and since they make truly scale PRR Position Lights, I use them . I make my own masts, ladders, and purchase my LEDs in bulk from electronics suppliers because I can save money. Now, Shapeways.com has been offering some very nice PRR signals as well as the bridges . The heads are not available yet in HO scale but as with everything in our hobby, they probably will be soon. As things progress in this technology the prices will soon drop as well but for detail and function, this is going to be another form of supply in the hobby. If you know someone that is good with CAD, you can even create your own items for a modest price. Heck, I still have some ancient die-cast 3-color signal heads that I use in background areas that work great. Does anyone remember the days where we actually MADE our own stuff when we needed it. You might be surprised what you can do with the materials available today.

  • I purchased one 3 aspect Oregon Signal that I found on ebay but there is not much out there for sale. There is one guy selling a bunch of signals as a group but it includes signals I do not need and the price seems very high. I thought about asking if he would consider selling just the 3 aspect block signals but I have not pursued it as he no doubt is proud of what he has. I guess I will wait till Walthers has them and then buy what I am going to need. Thanks for checking on this and the update Larry.

  • Larry,

    Try the Mainline Supply hobby store in Blueridge Summit, PA they carry the Oregon Rail Supply 3 aspect signal kits. The store is just across the PA – MD line 20 minute drive from Frederick, MD. The store has a great collection of HO suppliers. Good luck, Bob

  • Larry, this has been the case for a couple of years. Hopefully, Atlas will up production of BMLA which have
    disappeared. The is a guy out their that has parts that you can use to update and repair signals,
    but I#m not in a position to look.–I think MRH has featured him.