Scherb circuit closeup

A couple of you guys asked for a shot of the backside of the circuit board so here you go. One of these days I will draw this out in Adobe Illustrator to make the wiring easier to follow. I basically just took the original diagram from the article, laid out the components on the perfboard to match it, and then soldered up the connections. Given there are so few components it is relatively easy to do this. I used insulation to protect where the wires overlap. In the original configuration I just soldered the LEDs to the circuit as Jeff showed in his article then later on I decided it would be neater to add the screw terminals. I hope this helps. Keep in mind that if you click the image you should get a bigger version popup.


  • Thanks for the pictures of the circuit. I ordered enough parts yesterday from All Electronics to make 12 circuits, which is the number I will need to add bi-directional signals to my layout. Now if I can just come up with enough Oregon #115 signal kits I will be on my way. Also bought 3 Occupancy Detectors on Ebay yesterday. Thanks for all the help you provide.

  • Dwaine Armentrout

    Thanks Larry for the additional pictures and the reminder about clicking on the image itself to get a larger view. That really helps to explain in more detail how you made it.