Econami/Tsunami2 Programming Issue

I’ve gotten a couple emails recently asking about problems programming Tsunami2 decoders. Basically when these folks attempted to program them they got errors using both programming throttles and DecoderPro. Checking deeper into this I found the following in the troubleshooting section of the latest release of the Tsunami2/Econami manuals:

A PowerPaxTM programing track booster is being used in-line with your command station’s programming track output. Remove this non-compliant device from the programming track output to allow for reading and writing of all CVs.

As suggested simply removing the PowerPax fixed the problem. I then contacted Larry Maier who designed the PowerPax and he was not aware of the problem, but suggested it may be the result of changes Soundtraxx made in the timing of the decoder accepting programming commands. I can say that the PTB-100 programming track booster I have had since day one still works so they didn’t affect it. However I also have’t heard of any problems programming these decoders without a programming track booster and they are one of the easiest sound decoders to program. Fortunately this is a quick and easy fix so go at it!


  • I have seen this problem at our club (Digitrax system) and figured out the power pax need to be off when programing the TSU 2. What is interesting is my Lenz system at home, which hasn’t met a decoder it couldn’t program, does not have a problem with the TSU 2. Steve

  • Larry
    I had the same problem so removed it from the programing track, fixed !

    Although still use for some other decoders, Bachmann decoders some times play up.