Coming in March, April, May, and June

I’ve got some neat stuff coming in the DCC Corner over the next few months so let me bring you up to date on them.

March—this one should hit the streets any day now so you won’t have long to wait. I’ll be showing a method that I came up with back about 30 years ago for improving performance of locomotives running on CTC16 command control. I call this my poor man’s keep alive, but that’s all I can say about it.

April—I’ve been doing a lot of articles on sound decoders but I never have really spent any time talking about picking a decoder and planning an installation. So in this issue that’s where I’m going. By the way this is the first of three articles on sound decoders.

May—Okay, in the second article in the sound decoder series I will be talking about how to use LokProgrammer and/or DecoderPro to program LokSound decoders. I’ll give you some tips for using these programs in tandem to get the job done, plus I’ll toss in a couple tricks to use for customizing the sounds of your LokSound decoders.

June—finally in June I’ll show you how to install a LokSound decoder in an Atlas FM H-16-44 locomotive. This will be another article on replacing a factory installed decoder only this time in a diesel. We’ll use some of the tips and tricks I covered in the May issue to jazz up the classification lights on this model.

So keep your subscription up to date or head for the local hobby shop to pick up copies.


  • Will be very interested in reading these Larry. I had a couple of Atlas H-15-44 locos that I sold because I could not figure out how to replace the factory installed decoder and keep the marker lights. Wish I had these back.

    • Well, it’s a good thing I got this post up early this morning, I just got home from an op session and there was an email waiting announcing that my March MR digital issue was available online. So, for those of you who get MR digitally enjoy my description of my poor man’s keep alive. The rest of you will have to wait a few days more.

      I switched to digital issues a few years ago when they first became available to save room in the basement. I had gotten the back issues on CD several years before that and gave away my collection dating back to the late 1940s. The RMC collection went in a dumpster before I moved south, and all I have now are about 20 years of MRG and Mainline Modeler back to vol. 1, no. 1 and one of these days those will be history, especially if my wife gets to them first. Now I can carry all my MR issues on my iPad or read them online with the MR Archive.

  • I’d like something about how you figure out (measure?) how much space is available to put in decoders, speakers, keep-alives, wires, etc. That would be helpful before buying items. I appreciate TCS’s installation kits-at least I know it should fit.

  • Looking forward to reading about it Larry 🙂