Welcome to 2018

Well we finished out 2017 with 114,904 views, a 19% increase over 2016, so the word seems to be getting out. We’ll see what happens in 2018. Without the book to distract me I plan to do a few more videos and also expand the followup between my DCC Corner columns and posts here. You’ve already seen the columns for January and February, but I’ll give you a hint about March—I feature a poor man’s keep alive, something I came up with 30 years ago when I was using CTC16 command control. After that we’ll take a look at sound decoders including replacing a factory installed sound decoder in a diesel locomotive. There will be other decoder installations plus more on keep alive circuits, programming LokSound decoders and using their LokProgrammer software. Right now I have DCC Corner column topics planned out through the middle of 2019 and the website hosting fee is paid up through 2018 so I’ll probably be at it for another year at least. And if you get bored there are several hundred prior posts covering a range of subjects so feel free to either browse through the archives or do a search for specific topics you may be interested in. As always if you have a question or nagging problem feel free to contact me.


  • Hello Larry, Happy New Year. I’m new here, I from Brazil. I’ll follow your tips this years. Thanks for this site.

  • Happy New Year Larry and to your family.
    keep up the great articles. I find them very informative and helpful.
    Jim Battista

  • Looking forward to the year ahead, and the release of your book.

  • Happy New Year Larry! And thank-you for helping me to keep my railroad mostly short-free, and moving!

  • david wolstencroft

    hi Larry
    happy new year to you and yours thanks very much

  • Happy New Year Larry. Among the blizzard of emails I receive, I always look at yours. Keep up the great work

  • Happy New Year to you and many, many thanks for the most informative information on Model Railroading. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Thank you, Larry, for sharing your expertise and passion for all things DCC, Your advice is most appreciated.

  • Happy New Year as well Larry. Great columns and information. BTW, if you need any CTC-16 parts, I still have my Mann Made system with 5 throttles, several receivers, channel plugs and the command station with 16 channel boards.. I even have all of the entire instruction manuals for it.

    • Nick—I think I’ll pass on that one. I sold off my CTC-16 system as soon as I got one of the early Digitrax sets for a review in Model Railroading. I saw the writing on the wall and got out while the getting was good. I did find a couple old receivers recently and tossed them. The change in technology over the last 30 years has been amazing. I’ll be showing off some early DCC sound decoders in the April column—hard to believe we ever got excited about something that big!

    • H.Nick Kulp
      Do you happen to have spare parts for a Betamax VCR, and an old 8 track tape deck?
      Just kidding, couldn’t resist.

  • Larry,
    Your Website has been a wealth of information for me and I thank you for all your efforts. I find it more in depth
    than the limited space made available to you in MRR mag as they keep offering less and less in pages. It is getting
    to half the size as it was not too long ago with far fewer how-to articles and more photos and product reviews
    rather than hands-on info from experience. I hope you do videos and hope you find a site that will pay a fair
    return for the time and costs such will incur. Vid-+ could sure use some freshness?

  • Happy New year to you and yours, Larry, and to all the folks that read and enjoy your MRR column and website. 🙂

  • Hope you keep it up! Really appreciate your advice and knowledge sharing as well as your style and tone when writing.

  • Happy New Year to you too Larry. Looking forward to more artcles and videos.