TCS shows off new DCC system

Recently TCS owner John Forsythe showed off their new throttle and command station in a live streamed Facebook video. Right now the new DCC system is under development with release planned for mid to late 2018.

The throttle shown in the photo is only a prototype and the final unit will likely be black. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and operates for about 20 hours off a pair of AA batteries. You can use either alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The really neat part is the throttle is Withrottle capable which means it can be used with other layouts using the JMRI Withrottle function. You can have a TCS system at home and still use your throttle at the club or other layouts.

It has a 2.3” diagonal screen and will support simultaneous control of two locomotives using the buttons on each side of the thumbwheel. The thumbwheel is offered instead of a traditional knob type speed control. Also all 28+ NMRA functions are supported.

The command station is rated at 4 amps and a higher amperage booster will also be available. Currently the command station has a socket in the rear for an NCE network and connections for other DCC systems are in development. This means you’ll be able to use components from these other systems with the TCS command station. To further increase compatibility the system is LCC compliant which means all other future LCC compliant equipment will be compatible.

I’ll post more information as it becomes available. The release was live streamed on Facebook and I have included the following link to the recorded version. Soome folks iah e rported problems opening the link so you may need to copy and paste it to your browser or simlpy search for the tcsdcc page on Facebook.