The monkey is off my back!

Yesterday I shot the last three photos for the book, uploaded 48 jpegs, and emailed in the last 4 chapters. After pecking out something over  35,000 words and shooting over 270 photos I can get back to a regular schedule and also finish the layout. Writing the book was a long drawn out process because for each project I had to shoot in-progress photos step-by-step. This is a slow process sort of like shooting a claymation movie (remember Gumby). It also meant I had to actually build certain areas of the layout before I could even begin work on the project.

In the end though it means I now have a lot of neat new features on the layout such as a working telephone system, fast clock, electromagnet uncouplers, scale track, turntable, lift out bridge, working crossing gates, a working semaphore, well lit buildings, and a magnetic dispatchers panel. A couple chapters got dropped in the process such as the detection system and a way to automatically kill power to staging yard tracks once the train is fully off the yard ladder, but those can be done later as articles for MR.

I have promised myself that this will be my last book, except for editing the usual collection of past DCC Corner columns every 4-5 years. When he read that comment Tony Koester’s response was “Good luck with that, Larry. I said the same thing about a dozen books ago”. Maybe once I get the layout completed and operations underway I will be so bored that I will change my mind. However I have enough side hobbies to distract me so I don’t see it as a likelihood. Besides, my wife would probably shoot me if I started another one!


  • Looking forward to the new book. As you can see I finally got loaded thru “WordPress”. Had to get my internet support to manually load me in the “WordPress” system. Went thru four guys before they could figure it out… 🙂
    Merry Christmas to all!!

  • Eagerly awaiting Larry, can’t to sit down with it.

    Danny Carter

  • Way to go Larry. I likewise look forward to buying a copy of your book.

  • Glad you’re finished. By the way, that’s no monkey, that’s a baboon. Can he run the yard yet? They are very clever and I have been told many time at the club while I was running the yard that a trained monkey could do that job.

  • When will the book be available?

    • Probably mid-summer. The last one took about that long. These are edited and then printed in China.

      • Edited and printed in China! Oh my god! I hope the book will be more readable than the instruction sheets I get with all the electronic stuff I’ve bought, that came from China.

  • Good for you Larry! I look forward to reading your book.

    Tom Wilson