Have you contacted me lately

If you’ve sent me an email in the last couple couple weeks and not gotten an answer I can only blame it on one thing, my push to finish this book on deadline. Usually I get several emails each day and I try to answer them immediately as otherwise they get buried and end up on the bottom of the pile. However right now I am down to the last couple chapters and I just haven’t had time keep up with email. Also I have to get my April column written and in to MR and that will take about a week out of my schedule (I am replacing an old factory installed decoder in an Atlas H16-44). So what this comes down to is a request that if you do contact me and don’t hear back, please try again in mid-January. Thanks and have a happy holiday season–Larry

One comment

  • Get ur done Larry. Oh man an Atlas H16-44. I had an H15-44 and sold it because I could not figure out how to upgrade it to sound and keep the cool lighting. Thanks for all the help you provide on your site as well as on MR. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.