Challenger sound part II

For a couple reasons I wasn’t 100% happy with my video on the Challenger sounds I recently posted. For one thing the darned air pump sounds were so loud they tended to drown out some of the other sounds I wanted you to hear. For example every time I got the locomotive drifting so the rod clank sounds would start the air pump came on. Plus my runs were limited in length so the brake sounds weren’t as loud on the video as I usually hear. To fix these issues I lowered the air pump volume from the full blast default setting to a setting down around 20. Then to draw out the brakes and rod clank sounds I increased the deceleration momentum from the default of 96 up to 120. As you will see and hear in the video these changes had the desired effect. Here’s the new video with the new sounds.

One comment

  • Larry,
    Before reviewing your post regarding the Challenger’s adjusted sounds, I donned my trusty Sony MDR-7506 headphones for a more intimate experience. I did an A-B comparison with the first posting.
    You clearly demonstrated what can be achieved with a bit of fiddling.
    l didn’t notice any clipping in the redo recording either.
    Ah, the sounds of a perfectionist! Nice.