Is your headlight misbehaving?

Every so often I hear from someone whose locomotive won’t respond to its 4 digit address or the headlights won’t work. This situation usually follows some programming that involved CV29, the master CV. So what’s going on? Well, if you enter the wrong value in CV29 it will make the decoder respond to the 2 digit address and ignore the 4 digit address. Also, if you inadvertently set the decoder for 14 speed step mode instead of 28/128, the headlights won’t work. The fix is really easy, just program CV 29 to the correct value and everything will work fine.

As I mentioned in my previous post on CV29 the Digitrax ap and DecoderPro will both calculate the correct value for you and most manuals have a lookup table for commonly used combinations of CV29 functions. Digitrax and most other companies have their decoder manuals online for you to download. In addition you can download their manual by clicking HERE . The lookup table for CV29 is on page 38. Happy programming!


  • Occasionally I seem to loose forward/reverse motion with my self installed Soundtraxx Eco and Tsunami units. All other sound and light functions work, the engines just don’t move. Most units, if I remember correctly, have been advance consisted .I normally just enter one of the two loco address’ into my NCE Procab loco select and away I go. My past solution has been to do a factory reset (CV8=8) and reprogram them. The consists were made up by way of the hand held instructions on the NCE controllers. Is there something I’m accidentally doing, or not doing?

    • Is it just the Soundtraxx decoders and not any other brand? Do they work with their 2 or 4 digit address but not the consist address? Have you tried creating an advanced consist by actually writing the values to CV19 etc? NCE uses its own method for creating advanced consists and I still need to dig into exactly how it works.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s only Soundtraxx decoders. I use only 4 digit addresses and haven’t tried writing to CV19 directly as I’m not very proficient at programming. I primarily adjust lighting , sound features, and CV’s 2-3-4. That’s one of the great things I find with the NCE system…simplicity.

  • i run many locos backward & never new this thanks a clinkin the ads i go