Working with CV29

Among the CVs, CV29 is known as the master configuration variable. It alone controls whether (1) two or four digit addresses are in use, (2) normal direction of travel is forward or reverse, (3) the 28 step speed table is used, (4) 14 or 28/128 speed steps are used, and (5) analog conversion is on or off. A single value written into CV29 controls all five of these functions and for some is a challenge to calculate. It is easy enough to enter the value for CV29 using either the service mode programming track or programming on the main (Ops Mode).

By clicking on various selections DecoderPro will calculate and write the value for you, and most DCC system manuals provide tables that allow you to quickly select the appropriate value for CV29. But there is another option–there’s an ap for that! Digitrax has several calculators on their website including one which will give you the value for CV29. However as I suggested there also is an ap called the Digitrax Toolbox.

The Digitrax Toolbox is available as an ap for the iPad and iPhone, and for Android devices as well. In addition to CV29, it will calculate values for CV17 and CV18, the four digit address, CV21 and CV22 for advanced consist control, and CVs61-63. So you don’t need an internet connection or a large enough computer to run DecoderPro in order to quickly and easily calculate these complex CVs. Download the toolbox today and give it a test drive. You can’t beat the price, it’s free!