Something Sweet for Sugar Cubes

For the October 2017 DCC Corner column I installed a decoder in a Kato NW2. As you can expect this was quite a squeeze and I ended up having to put a sugar cube speaker in the cab. While it is not readily visible from the rear or side you can catch an occasional glimpse of it from the front. Naturally after I had completed the installation and the article I got an email from Bryan Vianco of Streamlined Backshop telling me about a new product he had just released that would have been perfect for the NW2.

Bryan has developed three new enclosures for his line of sugar cubes which include 8x12mm, 9x16mm, 11x15mm, and 13x18mm. So what do these new enclosures offer that is so great? Well as you can see from the figures, these are HO scale and shaped to go inside the cab roof of both steam and diesel locomotives. They include one for a single speaker, twin speakers, and dual coupled speakers. I tested one that Bryan sent me and sure enough it fit in several diesel cabs and if you didn’t know where to look you’d never know it was there.

To find out more about Byran’s selection of Sugar Cubes and enclosures visit his website (click here).


  • What sizes of sugar cubes will fit in these roof enclosures, and what size are the speakers that are already mounted in the enclosure?

    • Don, the sizes are given in the post and those are the only ones that fit it since the enclosures are designed for them.

  • Thanks for flagging this new product to your readers Larry. I have a couple of installs to do on Kato RS-2’s, so I will definitely take advantage of it!!