Digitrax Firmware Updates

In a previous post I recommended mounting radio receivers in an elevated position, preferably up near the ceiling. I still believe in that approach however, we need to consider some modifications. I showed you how we mounted a friend’s Digitrax UR91 and UR92 receivers in custom built wooden boxes affixed to the wall near his ceilings, this has turned out to be a minor problem.

Occasionally you’re going to have to update the UR92 device firmware or the transceiver firmware. One requirement is that you need to connect the UR92 directly to the command station without any other devices in the line of transmission. This means disconnecting all the other devices and isolating the UR92, which turned out to be a problem since my friend’s are semi-permanently installed along with UR91s.

Consequently we’re going to have to pull the UR92s, disconnect them from the UR91s, and then connect them to the command station for the upgrade to work reliably. I had no luck trying to update them as they were. So my updated suggestion is to install them in a position where they can be easily removed for periodic updates or install them on their own dedicated line that can be connected directly to the command station.

While on this subject let me also point out that it is a good idea to disconnect everything from the command station when updating throttles and connect them directly to it. This will give you a cleaner noise free connection and make updates more reliable. You can update several by using a line splitter or just plug in two or three at a time depending on your command station. I recently tried updating a throttle connected to a UR92 and it failed. As soon as I connected it to the command station and disconnected the Loconet the update went through on the first try. Like the man said it pays to read the instructions which tell you this, however being a researcher I always like to test things just to see what will happen. Besides I know there will be folks who ask me if it will work if they do it the other way.


  • Thanks Larry. Great Post. I have never updated anything so don’t know how to go about that so I will need to do some research. I added wireless about a year ago and really like it. I mounted near the ceiling so I think I can take it down fairly easily.

    • David–if it is just a UR92 you may be able to update it without taking it down. Just disconnect the Loconet cable that connects it to the rest of the network and plug that one directly into the command station. Then disconnect anything else plugged into the command station except the PR3 or Locobuffer. That way there will be a direct wire between the command station and the UR92. That should work unless the Loconet cable is too long. The main thing is to isolate the device(s) being updated from any others and have a noise free Loconet connection. Although AJ has said that you can update several devices at the same time if they need the same firmware update like the RF24 transceiver I am beginning to wonder whether there actually may be some limitations to the total number or mix of devices. I think most folks will only have one or two to do at the same tome so it is unlikely to become a major issue.